Op-ed: Project aims to provide insights on marijuana legalization ballot question [excerpted from the Fall River Herald]


By State Rep. Jonathan Hecht and Peter Levine
“What does it mean to leave the EU?”

According to reports from National Public Radio and other media outlets, Google searches for this and related questions spiked in the UK after the Brexit vote, indicating that some voters may have cast their ballots first and asked questions later.

That phenomenon is not unique. In this country, according to research conducted by the non-profit Healthy Democracy, in Oregon, 75 percent of voters found ballot questions to be confusing, and 66 percent of respondents admitted to voting on questions they didn’t understand, with comparable results from polls in Washington and Colorado.

This year, Massachusetts voters will be asked to weigh in on four ballot questions covering a range of pressing public policy matters. Before they head to the polls, voters deserve high-quality, non-partisan information...
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