The 2016 Citizens' Statement

CIR Citizens Statement 2016.PNG

This Citizens’ Statement on Question 4 was written by an independent panel of 20 Massachusetts voters through the Massachusetts Citizens’ Initiative Review Pilot Project. 

The panel of 20 was formed from a pool of 10,000 randomly-selected Massachusetts voters using a scientific method to ensure it is representative of the overall electorate (based on place of residence, party affiliation, age, gender, educational attainment, and race and ethnicity).  Over four days in late August 2016, the panel heard from the campaigns supporting and opposing Question 4 and relevant policy experts, deliberated among themselves with the help of professional facilitators, and produced this Citizens' Statement.

The views expressed in the Citizens' Statement are solely those of the Massachusetts CIR panel.  They are not the opinions or positions of Representative Hecht, Tisch College, Healthy Democracy, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or any government agency.